Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Arizona Black and White Ice Tea

Description from Arizona:
AriZona’s natural black tea drinks offer a large variety of flavors and contain all the antioxidents found in black tea. Some of Arizona’s most popular flavors are made from healthful black tea and AriZona’s white teas are unique and delicious offerings in the market of ready to drink teas

This is one of the hardest iced teas to find anywhere. I first tried it when my wife and I were house hunting and found this at a gas station. It’s quite tasty. Sometimes the green tea with ginseng and honey can be a tad bitter. However the combination of black and white and ginseng plus honey makes it refreshing, not too sweet, and smooth. I hope more places carry this. It is great. I did see this on Sams club website so here’s to hoping.

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