Monday, October 24, 2011

Twinings Earl Grey

Let’s face it I’m always trying to find a great deal when comes to high quality loose leaf tea. There are times when paying more is necessary(say the Imperial Pu-Erh), but in general with having a mortgage to pay and etc….as late it’s been hard to justify spending a lot on my tea appreciation(some call it a habit). I’ve had in the bagged version and thought it to be excellent, so when I saw this at Big Lots where I found the English Breakfast for 2.50 can I had to try it. So I thought I would make a pot before heading to the in-laws for Sunday dinner. The aromatic bouquet that permeates the nose is wonderful. It’s one those scents that you can walk by…take in…and be up lifted. I think I brewed it just a tad weak, it was still tasty. I have become a fan of offerings accompanied with the oil of bergamot. Not to mention who doesn’t love a good story like the one behind this tea and the Earl Grey himself. This could definitely be one added to the morning brew.

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